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Behind the Scenes

08 May 2015
Lake Sarangan and Mt Lawu trip

Lake Sarangan and the strawberry paradise

Lake Sarangan and the strawberry paradise on the slopes of Mount Lawu is a famous places. Most locals visit the place for a weekend trip. Lake Sarangan locates in East Java, between Solo and Magetan. The lake locating at an altitude of 1287 m at the southern slope of Lawu. However, the border between East Java and Central Java crosses through this area. The cities of Solo and Yogyakarta are important centres of Javanese culture. Both are not far from here. Because […]

12 Mar 2015
Weaver ants Oecophylla smaragdina

Weaver ants Oecophylla smaragdina

Weaver ants Oecophylla smaragdina are my new neighbours in the garden. One day I found a big weaver ants colony beside my house in Tuban, East Java. The ants ran up and down the trunk of a palm tree. The palm tree had no fruits or other interesting things for the ants. So far, one of the palm fronds connects to the Mango tree in the neighbourhood. But even though the tree has no Mangos because it’s not Mango season. However, the ants […]

15 Jan 2015
Ubud the cultural and spiritual centre of Bali

Ubud the cultural and spiritual centre of Bali

Ubud the cultural and spiritual centre of Bali is full of spirit. Temples are everywhere and Hinduism is part of daily life. Ubud the city in the middle of the island of Bali is not like the capital Denpasar in the south. While Denpasar converted into modern styled capital, the small towns and villages still kept the Balinese way of life. Compared to Denpasar the city is more the cultural and traditional art centre of the island. That’s obviously on each corner. […]

10 Jan 2015
The magic island Bali

The magic island of Bali

The magic island of Bali is an island between Java and Lombok. It’s a wonderful tropical island. and of course a dream destination. Volcanos, beautiful beaches, temples and Balinese culture all are in one place. With all of this, the island is perfect to discover something new. Bali has a tropical climate because of its location close to the equator. The tropical climate generates a huge diversity of flora and fauna. This tropical nature combined with spectacular mountain scenery is amazing. […]

26 Nov 2014

Jakarta the capital of Indonesia

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. The city locates on the main island of Java. The entire state of Indonesia consists of around seventeen thousand islands. However, Java is the most populated and industrialised island and the home of Jakarta. With ten million inhabitants and thirty million in the surrounding areas, Jakarta is the biggest city in south-east Asia. The city is famous for its never-ending traffic jams.  Sometimes it takes more than three hours in a traffic jam just to drive 10 […]

18 Nov 2014
Cafe Batavia

The Cafe Batavia in Jakarta

The Cafe Batavia is a coffee shop in the old town of Jakarta. The old town, in the Indonesian language “Kota Tua”, is the first settlement of the Dutch people. It was in the 16th century when the Dutch came to that area. The town square is still framed with buildings at this time. Some of these buildings have been renewed in recent years. One is the Townhall and a couple of other historical buildings. The old city locates in […]

31 Aug 2014
Wayang kulit

Wayang kulit

Wayang kulit is the most famous Indonesian version of the shadow puppet’s performance. This art is well known and widespread in Southeast Asia. The puppets, stories and performance may vary from region to region. So far, the islands Java and Bali are the centres of wayang kulit culture. Especially the cities of Yogyakarta and Surakarta on Java. While wayang means puppet, kulit means the skin from usually a cow. The arms and legs of the puppets are made from wood, […]

25 Jul 2014
Minahasa wooden houses

Minahasa wooden houses

Minahasa wooden houses are famous houses from Sulawesi. The houses are made completely from wood. The Minahasa people are a tribe of natives living in North Sulawesi. Manado is the biggest city in this area. The influence of  Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch as well, in culture or language is huge. However, the Philippines islands are in the north next to Sulawesi. The village Woloan locates not far from Tomohon and is famous all over the world. Because from here coming […]

21 Jul 2014
Manado the North of Sulawesi

Manado the North of Sulawesi

Manado is a major city in the north of Sulawesi and locates in the Bay of Manado. That is on top of Sulawesi island. The city and the area surrounding hills and mountains. Some of those mountain peaks are active volcanos. The beach, for instance, covers with black lava stones. Manado is the economic centre of North Sulawesi. Therefore, the city is a good starting point to discovering the top of the island. However, the city itself is not so […]