St Moritz extraordinary and exclusive

Lake St. Moritz

St Moritz is a very famous town in the Swiss Eastern Alps. The town is belonging to the canton Graubuenden and locates in the Engadine valley. As famous as the Engadine valley is, as most famous is the town, St. Moritz. Since tourism was raised in the last century the Engadine valley and the town became very famous. However, the town is the most famous town in the valley.

Situated at a height of 1850 m in the Engadine valley at lake St Moritz, the city owns a spectacular place. Especially in the wintertime with snowy peaks and frozen lake. Even more, in the summertime the landscape is amazing. The place surrounds by the high peaks of the eastern Alps. For instance, Piz Lagrev, Piz Surlej or Piz Ot. All above, the highest peak in this area with 4048 m is Piz Bernina.

Today the town is a worldwide number one destination with extravagance, elegance and noble flair.

St Moritz was the host of the Winter Olympic Games twice. After that, the winter sport has not vanished. Many kinds of championships take place each year. The cold and snowy winters are excellent for Wintersport. However, as famous as in the wintertime, the town is also famous in the summertime.

Several stunning pass roads connect the town. The railroad “Rhaetische Bahn” (RhB) connects St Moritz via Thusis with Chur by the “Bernina Express”. In fact, the Bernina line is definitely an amazing railroad. The train passed countless tunnels, bridges and loops to climb up the eastern Alps. The train station is close to the lakeshore.

River Inn drains the Engadine valley into the river Danube by crossing the lake and passing St Moritz. Not only the Engadine valley but also the neighbouring valley, the Rhine valley, is an important north-south connection.

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St. Moritz and the Engadine valley