Pueckler Park

Pueckler park in Bad Muskau

The Pueckler park

The Pueckler Park in Bad Muskau is one of the most famous parks in East Germany. The park situates in the town of Bad Muskau. A small town in Upper Lusatia locates at the river Neisse. The whole park consists of an English-style landscaped park. Moreover, it includes an old and new castle as well. The river Neisse divides the park into two parts.

Pueckler Park derives from its designer, builder and owner Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau. Even though he was born in Bad Muskau, nonetheless he sold the park later.

However, the river Neisse not only divides the park into two parts, but the river is also the border between Germany and Poland. While the old and the new castles and one-third of the park belong to Germany, the other two-thirds belong to Poland today. Two bridges connect both sides of the park.

The castle has a long history which runs back over 800 years. Beginning as a water castle the castle complex has changed in appearance and purpose over the centuries.

Unfortunately, the new castle was destroyed at the end of World War 2. All that was left was a burnt-out ruin. In the 1950s the first construction safety actions on the remaining building started. However, that saved just the current situation of the downfall. So far, it took more than forty years to change this situation and start rebuilding.

Reconstruction and reopening

In 1995, the first reconstruction works to rebuild the castle began. Finally, six years later in 2011, the construction work was complete. From now on, the castle shines again in its old glory.

Pueckler’s Park is iconic in architecture and in landscape gardening. It is a tourism hot spot indeed. Even today, as in Pueckler’s ideas, the park is open and accessible to everyone for no charge.

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