The Engadine valley

St. Moritz and the Engadine valley

The Engadine valley and the Rhine valley both are two important valleys in the Swiss Eastern Alps. Both valleys are important north-south connections. Since tourism raised in the whole area some of the cities became very famous. For instance St Moritz. The Engadine valley is a beautiful valley with lakes and alpine meadows.

The Engadine valley borders in south Italy and in east Austria. So far, the area belongs to the Swiss canton Graubuenden.  Several stunning pass roads connect the valley. Additionally, the “Rhaetische Bahn” connects the valley by a railway as well. Moreover, an airport in Samaden connects the area with the world.

The Engadine valley, known to many is a valley in the eastern Alps of Switzerland. St Moritz is by far a very famous special place and visited from all over the world

Starting in the south from Maloja pass at 1800 m high, the Engadine valley is 80 km long. The valley ends on the Austrian border. The south end of the valley is the source of the river Inn. The Inn river drains the valley into the Danube river. The upper part of the valley has several lakes. All in all, a fantastic picture, the lakes in front of the high mountains.

A famous location in the Swiss eastern Alps is the town of St. Moritz. The town is a worldwide number one destination with extravagance, elegance and noble flair. It doesn’t matter in the summertime or in wintertime, the Engadine valley is a tourist spot all over the year.

While in the summertime the mountains without snow and the alpine meadows are dotted with flowers and lush green. The landscape changed in the wintertime. The alpine meadows and the peaks of the Eastern Alps were then, covered by a lot of snow.

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