Memphis, BBQ and Blues Music

Beale Street in Memphis

Welcome to Memphis, Tennessee, that was the first what I read after a long journey from Frankfurt via Amsterdam to Memphis. What I know about the city isn’t so much. But some I remember from the books I read. The city locates on the Mississippi River. Probably the most famous and important river in North America. The city is home to Blues Music. Many world-famous musicians come from here.

Indeed the famous Beal Street is one of the iconic places. But Memphis has more. For instance, Johnny Cash, B. B. King or Elvis Presley and his home Graceland. Blues, Rock n’ Roll and Gospel are all made in Memphis. Whether in a bar or on the street the music is omnipresent. Uncountable bands performing on each corner day by day. Everybody can listen to blues music.

A dream comes true. Once to see the Mississippi River. The river reminded me of the adventures of Tom Sawyer. Even more on the Mississippi steamboats on western stories and movies. Even today the steamboats paddle for tourists on the river.

No need to mention the world-famous Gibbson guitar factory. Just around the corner from Beal Street. From here come the unique Gibbson guitars. Musicians worldwide appreciate guitars from Gibbson, from B.B. King up to Angus Young.

Music, BBQing, the Mississippi and the flair of the South that is part of Memphis history. It’s a paradise for BBQ’er and exactly the right place for good and proper food. For instance, pulled pork is delicious smoked pork meat. Each year in May a BBQ contest is held in the city. However, almost on each corner, BBQ’ed fast food is available. Unfortunately, the dark side of Memphis is its crime. For decades, the city is always in the top ranks of crime statistics in the USA.

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