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26 Jul 2016
Tegallalang rice terraces

Tegallalang rice terraces

The magic island of Bali has a lot of interesting places to visit. Such one place is the Tegallalang rice terraces. The rice terraces are not far from the city of Ubud. Just a couple of kilometres north. Ubud is the centre of Balinese art and culture. Tegallalang village is famous for its rice terrace. The small village is a traditional Balinese village. The location is on the main road between Ubud and Kintamani. However, Tegallalang rice terraces are in a valley beside […]

24 Jul 2016

Kintamani Bali’s northern part

In 2015 I had no luck with the weather when I visited Kintamani. Rain around the clock was on the agenda this day. However, this year Bali’s weather god is with me.  Blue sky, beautiful white clouds and pleasant temperature that is exactly what I expected. Kintamani village in the northwest of Bali located is a great destination. The village locates on the edge of the huge Batur caldera. However, the caldera consists of the active volcano Mt Batur and Lake Batur […]

08 May 2015
Lake Sarangan and Mt Lawu trip

Lake Sarangan and the strawberry paradise

Lake Sarangan and the strawberry paradise on the slopes of Mount Lawu is a famous places. Most locals visit the place for a weekend trip. Lake Sarangan locates in East Java, between Solo and Magetan. The lake locating at an altitude of 1287 m at the southern slope of Lawu. However, the border between East Java and Central Java crosses through this area. The cities of Solo and Yogyakarta are important centres of Javanese culture. Both are not far from here. Because […]

25 Jul 2014
Minahasa wooden houses

Minahasa wooden houses

Minahasa wooden houses are famous houses from Sulawesi. The houses are made completely from wood. The Minahasa people are a tribe of natives living in North Sulawesi. Manado is the biggest city in this area. The influence of  Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch as well, in culture or language is huge. However, the Philippines islands are in the north next to Sulawesi. The village Woloan locates not far from Tomohon and is famous all over the world. Because from here coming […]

27 May 2012
Swiss canton Ticino (Tessin)

Ticino (Tessin) the suny side of the alps

Coming from the north, the door to the Swiss canton Ticino is Thusis. However, followed by the Via Mala gorge and the San Bernardino pass. So far the Northside of the Alps has a rougher climate. The vegetation isn’t so lush here. Ticino has much more diverse vegetation compared to Graubuenden. Temperatures are higher on average than on the north side. That’s why the south side is also called the sunny side of the Alps. In fact, Ticino borders east and […]

27 Jan 2012
Wintertime in snowy Thusis

Wintertime in snowy Thusis

It’s wintertime in snowy Thusis and in Switzerland as well. After the first snow arrived in Thusis the landscape changed its face dramatically. At this time the forests, the mountains and the villages are now covered with snow. The dominating colour now is white. All around the town the snow piles increase after snowing day by day. However, wintertime is a spectacular season in the Alps. Thusis locates in the Rhine valley. It is a small town around 25 km […]

16 Jan 2012
Winter trekking adventure in Arosa

Winter trekking in Arosa

Winter trekking in Arosa, I’m sure means a lot of fun. After the first snowing days the landscape changed into a beautiful winter outfit. Arosa is a small town located in the eastern Alps in Switzerland nearby Chur. The elevation is 1950 m. So far, the mountains around are much higher. The town belongs to the Swiss canton of Graubuenden. That area is not only a famous tourist centre in the wintertime but also in the summertime. I visit Arosa […]

15 Oct 2011
Lake St. Moritz

St Moritz extraordinary and exclusive

St Moritz is a very famous town in the Swiss Eastern Alps. The town is belonging to the canton Graubuenden and locates in the Engadine valley. As famous as the Engadine valley is, as most famous is the town, St. Moritz. Since tourism was raised in the last century the Engadine valley and the town became very famous. However, the town is the most famous town in the valley. Situated at a height of 1850 m in the Engadine valley at […]

09 Aug 2010
Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen

Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen

The Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen is a museum in the town of Unterhuldingen. The town is famous for its historically lake dwelling museum. In the German language called “Pfahlbaumuseum”. The town situates on the north bank at Bodensee in south Germany. The lake is also named “Lake Constance” in English. The museum is a collection of dwellings. All were collected from the Lake Constance region. Today, the houses are rebuilt as a museum. The houses were raised on piles right on the waterfront. All houses […]