Graceland, the King is back

Graceland, the King is back

Memphis is not only famous for the Beale Street, BBQ and Blues music. The city especially Graceland is also the home of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. He is one of the most famous icons in the entertainment business. Even though he was born in Tupelo, Tennessee he settled down in Memphis where he bought the Graceland mansion.

Graceland is located at Elvis Presley Boulevard in the south of central Memphis. It’s easy to reach and has a lot of parking lots around.

The mansion is a museum today. It’s open to the public and for visits by everybody. The museum sells souvenirs and as well tickets for the tour to get the history and life story of Elvis. It’s a look into a life and a time beyond far away to imagine. You can take a guided or an unguided on your own tour. Both are possible.

Elvis served as a soldier in the US Army in Friedberg in Germany. That’s may one reason why he became so very famous in Germany. Here he meet for the first time Priscilla his later wife.

In front of the Graceland estate is the Elves Presley museum. Where his aeroplanes invite for a visit. Even an amazing car museum is there and exhibits the cars Elvis owned. Anyway, from here starts a well laid out tour through the mansion.

Graceland was his home where he and his family is also buried. If you are an Elvis fan this is definitely a must-see thing, indeed. A truly amazing place. After the visit, there is no doubt the King of Rock and Roll is still alive.

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