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03 Jul 2012
Summertime in Graubuenden (Grisons)

Summertime in Graubuenden

After a long winter, everybody enjoys now the summertime in Graubuenden (Grisons). The canton Graubuenden with its capital Chur locates in east Switzerland and borders Austria, Lichtenstein and Italy. Well, the snow is molten and the mountains lost their white caps. The lush green alpine meadows dotted with beautiful flowers are everywhere around. All the stunning pass roads reopen again and can now be easily crossed. The lifts reopen as well and the mountain huts await their guests. It’s an […]

15 Apr 2012
Rhaetische Bahn

Rhaetische Bahn

A masterpiece of engineering and construction One of the most fascinating public transportation in the canton Grisson is the Rhaetische Bahn (RHB). The Rhaetische Bahn is a railway is a narrow gauge railway with 1000 mm gauge. The railway is used for public transportation as well as for goods traffic. However, luxury coaches are available on certain lines and for special events. The RHB supports different lines from its main station in Chur. For instance, Chur-Arosa, the Albulabahn from Thusis to […]

29 Oct 2011
The golden autumn

The Golden autumn

The golden autumn is a very special time from October to November in the northern hemisphere. It’s the time when the trees change colour and then shed their leaves. What the golden autumn is in Europe, it’s the Indian summer in North America. While the nights are already cold, during the daytime the temperature is still warm. That makes something magical happen, It’s called the golden autumn. On the sloops of the eastern Alps valleys mostly growing Larch trees. Larch […]

15 Oct 2011
St. Moritz and the Engadine valley

The Engadine valley

The Engadine valley and the Rhine valley both are two important valleys in the Swiss Eastern Alps. Both valleys are important north-south connections. Since tourism raised in the whole area some of the cities became very famous. For instance St Moritz. The Engadine valley is a beautiful valley with lakes and alpine meadows. The Engadine valley borders in south Italy and in east Austria. So far, the area belongs to the Swiss canton Graubuenden.  Several stunning pass roads connect the […]

15 Oct 2011
Lake St. Moritz

St Moritz extraordinary and exclusive

St Moritz is a very famous town in the Swiss Eastern Alps. The town is belonging to the canton Graubuenden and locates in the Engadine valley. As famous as the Engadine valley is, as most famous is the town, St. Moritz. Since tourism was raised in the last century the Engadine valley and the town became very famous. However, the town is the most famous town in the valley. Situated at a height of 1850 m in the Engadine valley at […]