Winter trekking adventure in Arosa

Winter trekking in Arosa

Winter trekking in Arosa. I’m sure it means a lot of fun. After the first snowing days the landscape changed into a beautiful winter outfit. Arosa is a small town and locates in the eastern Alps in Switzerland nearby Chur. The elevation is 1950 m. So far, the mountains around are much higher.

The town belonging to the Swiss canton of Graubuenden. This area is not only a famous tourist centre in the wintertime but also in the summertime. I visit Arosa by train from Thusis via Chur. The “Rhaetische Bahn” (RhB) connects Arosa with the city Chur. Since tourism raises the railway it’s very important for public transportation.

Arosa grows from an alpine meadow to a famous tourist destination in the last century. Even today the town is still a very small town.

The traveling time from Chur is around one hour. The line starts in front of the main station. To my surprise the train driving on the street like a tram. However, after crossing Chur, the train climbs up on its own railway on top of the eastern Alps.

The town locates in a valley on the foot of Aroser Weisshorn (2653 m). A chain of mountains surrounding the valley. Moreover, the valley has two lakes. The major economic sector in the town is tourism. From the train station to the Aroser Weisshorn cable car station it’s just a jump.

With huge piles of snow and both frozen lakes, Arosa gives an enchanting picture. The beautiful panorama around the town with snow-capped mountains is breathtaking. Obviously, well-prepared ski slopes are ready for skiing.

The ride with the cable car to the top of Aroser Weisshorn is an amazing trip. Finally, winter trekking in Arosa gives a great time at a fantastic place with the snowy alpine landscape.