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Category : 2012

27 Nov 2012
Gamelan orchestra

Gamelan music the mystic of Indonesia

Gamelan music is a traditional music style from Indonesia. The music is performed in an orchestra. Gamelan music, Batik and Wayang kulit are the most important things in Indonesian art and culture. The Gamelan is most common on Java and Bali islands. Sulawesi has its own kind of music called Kulintang and Bali has Rindik. Indeed there are other interesting things about Indonesia. But the traditional music and puppet theatre is Indonesian culture and part of social life. The unique atmosphere and the style of music […]

18 Nov 2012
Goa Ngerong the mysterious cave

“Goa Ngerong” the mysterious cave

The “Goa Ngerong” cave near Tuban, East Java is the right destination for a short weekend trip.  Located not more than forty minutes to drive by car from Tuban away. The cave locates in the small town of Rengel. It’s a famous place for locals. The entry to the area is directly on the road from Tuban to Bonjenogoro. You cannot miss the small gate on the road. Indeed “Goa Ngerong” the mysterious cave has something special. As in many […]

03 Jul 2012
Summertime in Graubuenden (Grisons)

Summertime in Graubuenden

After a long winter, everybody enjoys now the summertime in Graubuenden (Grisons). The canton Graubuenden with its capital Chur locates in east Switzerland and borders Austria, Lichtenstein and Italy. Well, the snow is molten and the mountains lost their white caps. The lush green alpine meadows dotted with beautiful flowers are everywhere around. All the stunning pass roads reopen again and can now be easily crossed. The lifts reopen as well and the mountain huts await their guests. It’s an […]

27 May 2012
Swiss canton Ticino (Tessin)

Ticino (Tessin) the suny side of the alps

Coming from the north, the door to the Swiss canton Ticino is Thusis. However, followed by the Via Mala gorge and the San Bernardino pass. So far the Northside of the Alps has a rougher climate. The vegetation isn’t so lush here. Ticino has much more diverse vegetation compared to Graubuenden. Temperatures are higher on average than on the north side. That’s why the south side is also called the sunny side of the Alps. In fact, Ticino borders east and […]

15 Apr 2012
Rhaetische Bahn

Rhaetische Bahn

A masterpiece of engineering and construction One of the most fascinating public transportation in the canton Grisson is the Rhaetische Bahn (RHB). The Rhaetische Bahn is a railway is a narrow gauge railway with 1000 mm gauge. The railway is used for public transportation as well as for goods traffic. However, luxury coaches are available on certain lines and for special events. The RHB supports different lines from its main station in Chur. For instance, Chur-Arosa, the Albulabahn from Thusis to […]

22 Mar 2012
The Principality of Liechtenstein

The Principality of Liechtenstein

The Principality of Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world. The little country locates in the heart of the East Alps. The country borders Switzerland and Austria only. The border to Switzerland is following the river Rhine in the south and west direction. Here the cantons Graubuenden and St. Gallen shaping  the border to Liechtenstein. In the east and north direction, the border to Austria follows the mountain ridge. There is no border control at the border. On […]

27 Jan 2012
Wintertime in snowy Thusis

Wintertime in snowy Thusis

It’s wintertime in snowy Thusis and in Switzerland as well. After the first snow arrived in Thusis the landscape changed its face dramatically. At this time the forests, the mountains and the villages are now covered with snow. The dominating colour now is white. All around the town the snow piles increase after snowing day by day. However, wintertime is a spectacular season in the Alps. Thusis locates in the Rhine valley. It is a small town around 25 km […]

16 Jan 2012
Winter trekking adventure in Arosa

Winter trekking in Arosa

Winter trekking in Arosa, I’m sure means a lot of fun. After the first snowing days the landscape changed into a beautiful winter outfit. Arosa is a small town located in the eastern Alps in Switzerland nearby Chur. The elevation is 1950 m. So far, the mountains around are much higher. The town belongs to the Swiss canton of Graubuenden. That area is not only a famous tourist centre in the wintertime but also in the summertime. I visit Arosa […]