The Golden autumn

The golden autumn

The golden autumn is a very special time from October to November in the northern hemisphere. It’s the time when the trees change colour and then shed their leaves. What the golden autumn is in Europe, it’s the Indian summer in North America. While the nights are already cold, during the daytime the temperature is still warm. That makes something magical happen, It’s called the golden autumn.

On the sloops of the eastern Alps valleys mostly growing Larch trees. Larch trees are Coniferous trees. They are not evergreen and their leaves are not needles. Like any deciduous tree, the Larches cast their leaves in autumn. In the wintertime, the Larch trees do not bear leaves. However, during the springtime, the leaves grow from the brunch again.

In many cultures, autumn has a symbolic character. It stands for harvest time and for a transition from summer to wintertime. The temperature drop, the days are shorter and the sun is lower. That changes the nature dramatically.

The autumn time is a great time in the Alps valleys like the Engadine or Rhine valley. In Switzerland, in the canton Graubuenden, on most of the Alp sloops grow many Larch trees. However, during this time the Larch trees change the colour of their leaves before they lost them. The green leaves from summer get a beautiful golden touch.

Autumn in the valleys means a spectacular season. It’s the time when mother nature is playing with colours. The low sun and the warm yellow sunlight boost the golden yellow tint even more. All in all, autumn time is an amazing time. Because of the golden colour of the leaves, this time is called the golden autumn.

Of course, not only in the eastern Alps valleys happen this magic. Indeed, in many places where Larch trees grow, golden autumn is possible.

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