Wintertime in snowy Thusis

It’s wintertime in snowy Thusis and in Switzerland as well. After the first snow arrived in Thusis the landscape changed its face dramatically. At this time the forests, the mountains and the villages are now covered with snow. The dominating colour now is white. All around the town the snow piles increase after snowing day by day. However, wintertime is a spectacular season in the Alps.

Thusis locates in the Rhine valley. It is a small town around 25 km south of Chur in the eastern Alps. Chur is the capital of the canton Graubuenden, surrounded by mountains with the highest peak Mt Beverin (2995 m), Thusis is the door to the sunny side of the Alps.

Wintertime in snowy Thusis is not only a amazing time, it’s also sometimes a big challenge, because of the so many snow.

However, Thusis is the door to the Viamala canyon. The canyon was the most difficult and dangerous part of the way from Chur southbound to Tessin until the last century. Nevertheless, the Viamala gorge was a trade route since the early Middle Ages. The snow-covered mountainside of the Viamala gorge gives an impressive picture.

Thusis is one of the important towns in the Rhine valley but not so famous as others. However, Thusis has in the East famous neighbour towns like Arosa, Davos and St. Moritz. All of them are famous winter sports locations. Not only famous in the summertime but much more famous in the wintertime is the Lenzerheide. A beautiful valley with lakes and alpine meadows. But now in wintertime all that is covered by snow.

The west side of the Rhine valley isn’t so famous as the east side. The 1850 m high Glasspass on the foot of Mt Beverin gives, especially in wintertime an amazing panorama. As well as, the Heinzenberg with the snow-covered mountainsides. Wintertime in snowy Thusis can be challenging but is also a lot of fun.

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