The Great Wall

The Chinese Great Wall is one of the most famous buildings in the world. Many people know about the great wall all over the world. For visitors coming from Beijing is it easy to visit at least one part of the wall. This part locates in Badaling around 80 km north of Beijing. A highway connects Beijing and Badaling.

In fact, there are many different sections of the Great Wall around Beijing city. But the section in Badaling had best restored, maintained and most completed conditions.  Moreover, this part is a short distance from Beijing. But that makes the wall a very frequented place.

Actually built to protect Beijing, the Chinese Great Wall is the longest wall and biggest building in the world.

In this area, the wall crosses the Jundu Shan Mountains. The highest point is at Beibalou (1015 m). That gives a nice view of the up and downhill winding wall. The section as we can see today in Badaling is in very good condition. The reconstruction and maintenance works brought the wall back to almost the same original condition as the built-in ancient one.

This section of the Chinese Great Wall had built, in ancient during the Ming Dynasty in 1504. But there is evidence that the wall is much older. The main purpose to build the wall was to protect Beijing from intruders coming from the north.

Unlike other sections of the wall, in Badaling, the wall is built from bricks. Watchtowers, wall walks and gates complete the wall. The Wall winds up and down the mountain ridges and gives magnificent scenery. This part of the wall become today the most visited part. Millions of visitors per year make the area crowded. Nearby the Badaling Great Wall in the foothills many restaurants and shops selling all kinds of stuff.

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