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Behind the Scenes

06 Aug 2016
Hindu temple Tanah Lot

The Tanah Lot temple

The Tanah Lot temple is one of Bali’s thousand temples. It’s not for nothing said, that Bali is also called the island of the thousand temples. Obviously, the island is home to uncountable small and big temples. In fact, Bali is different from Java or Sumatra. The majority of the population belongs to the Hindu religion in Bali. That’s why these temples belong to Hinduism. However, Bali has more than temples only. Nature, jungle, and volcanos, and in between the spirit of the Balinese lifestyle. The Tanah Lot […]

26 Jul 2016
Tegallalang rice terraces

Tegallalang rice terraces

The magic island of Bali has a lot of interesting places to visit. Such one place is the Tegallalang rice terraces. The rice terraces are not far from the city of Ubud. Just a couple of kilometres north. Ubud is the centre of Balinese art and culture. Tegallalang village is famous for its rice terrace. The small village is a traditional Balinese village. The location is on the main road between Ubud and Kintamani. However, Tegallalang rice terraces are in a valley beside […]

24 Jul 2016

Kintamani Bali’s northern part

In 2015 I had no luck with the weather when I visited Kintamani. Rain around the clock was on the agenda this day. However, this year Bali’s weather god is with me.  Blue sky, beautiful white clouds and pleasant temperature that is exactly what I expected. Kintamani village in the northwest of Bali located is a great destination. The village locates on the edge of the huge Batur caldera. However, the caldera consists of the active volcano Mt Batur and Lake Batur […]

11 Mar 2016
Total Solar Eclipse on March 9, 2016

A total solar eclipse on 2016 March, 9

A total solar eclipse on 2016, March, 9 occurred in Indonesia. Unfortunately, the eclipse is visible only as a partial eclipse from Tuban, East Java, Indonesia. Accordingly, the occultation in Tuban was 85% at maximum. That’s enough to still turn the day into twilight and to get a great experience of a total solar eclipse. In fact, the eclipse starts in East Indonesia at sunrise over Sumatra. The end was at sunset north of the Hawaiian Islands. However, the last […]

01 Mar 2016
Mount Bromo volcano eruption

Mount Bromo volcano eruption

In January 2016 the Mount Bromo volcano erupted after a period of minor activities. Mount Bromo is an active stratovolcano. The location is the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in East Java, Indonesia. Since December 2015 Mount Bromo’s activity increased continuously. In January 2016 Mt Bromo reached temporarily the activity peak. Consequently, the local authority increased the alarm level to 3 (Orange). This level is the second-highest level before an eruption. However, that’s exactly the right time for a visit. It was […]

24 Oct 2015
Singapore one of the four Asian tiger

Singapore one of the Four Asian Tigers

Singapore also called “TheLion City” is one of the Four Asian Tigers. Together with South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, they are the Four Asian Tiger states. The city locates close to the equator. Singapore is one of the most important financial and trading places in Asia. All in all, Singapore is an island, a city, a state, and a country all in one.  The tropical country in South East Asia locates on the south end of the Malaysian peninsula. The Strait of […]

22 Oct 2015
Singapore Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens in Singapore

The Botanic Gardens in Singapore are a botanical paradise and an extraordinary place in Singapore.  Singapore calls itself a garden city and that is obviously true. The city, close to the equator has a tropical climate. The everywhere lush green gives the city that unique outfit and such an enjoyable atmosphere. Singapore is a city of superlatives. That is obviously, all over the city. In fact, Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of these superlatives. Singapore botanic gardens are located almost in the centre of […]

13 Sep 2015

Website relaunched

The new website is out. After weeks of hard work, I’m proud to announce the relaunch of the new site today. With an amazing look & feel, a lot of stunning photos and some short stories around, I hope you share my passion.

Enjoy and have fun exploring my new website.

12 May 2015
The volcano Mount Lawu

The volcano Mount Lawu

The volcano Mount Lawu is an inactive volcano. The volcano is belonging to Central Java. However, the borderline to East Java crosses through this area. The volcano locates between Surakarta and Magetan. The city of Surakarta is called also Solo. Surakarta is one of the important centres of Javanese culture. Moreover, Yogyakarta is another significant centre of Javanese culture. Both cities are not far from here. In fact, the volcano Mount Lawu is an inactive stratovolcano. The height is 3265 […]