Yogyakarta centre of Javanese culture

Yogyakarta is the centre of Javanese culture. It’s one of the most important cities in Indonesia. The city in association with Surakarta is the centre of classical Javanese art and culture. For instance, it’s the home of Batik art and Gamelan music. Arts, crafts and Wayang are other most famous Javanese arts.

The city belongs geographically to Central Java. With their long history, the city dominated ancient Java’s significance for centuries. The district of Yogyakarta was also declared the “Sultanate of Yogyakarta”. Therefore, the ruler is a sultan. That’s unique in Indonesia. The locals briefly call the city simple “Yogya”.

By far Yogyakarta is the reflection of the Javanese culture and represents even more, the Javanese lifestyle

Yogyakarta is a major economic, cultural, art and tourist centre in Java. Obviously, the Malioboro road is the heart of Yogya’s crafts and art. Countless artists present and demonstrate their art on this road. Anyway, a legend says that there is a spiritual axis. It’s an axis between the South Ocean, the home of Ratu Kidul, Yogyakarta and the volcano Mt Merapi. The Malioboro road is exactly in line with the spiritual axis. In addition, the Kraton in Yogyakarta is exactly in the centre of this axis.

In the vicinity of Yogya, are two famous temples. Both temples are really of amazing architecture. One is the Buddhist temple Borobudur. The second is the Hindu temple Prambanan. Above all, is watching the active stratovolcano Mount Merapi. The volcanos around the city are always a threat to the people and the temples.

The Ullen Sentalu Museum is without any doubt a beautiful place. The visit is like a journey and an outstanding demonstration of Javanese history, art and culture. However, pictures, documents, artefacts, traditional clothes and craftsmanship were collected and presented in a nice atmosphere.

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