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Madura island in East Java

Madura island in East Java

Madura Island is an island in the northeast of Java. The island is related to the Indonesian district of East Java with the capital Surabaya. The strait of Madura separates Madura Island and Java Island. The strait is around 2 km wide and looks more like a big river. The only access to the island by car is via the Bridge of Madura or a ferry from Surabaya.

One of the most famous things from Madura is bull racing. The bull racing called Karaban sapi mainly takes place in Bangakalan and in Pamekasan. Both are the major cities on Madura Island with the most population.  The competition is a public event and the most famous attraction on the island. Indeed I hope one day I have the chance to visit the bull racing event.

The landscape reminds me of the African savannah instead of the tropics. No lush green only brown soil and little vegetation. Madura is a flat everywhere. No mountains, no volcanos just flat all over the way from Surabaya. It doesn’t look like a tropical island.

Because of the driest and hot climate farming is not a lucrative and profitable business. Even more, the soil is not good enough for fruit or vegetable planting. Corn and tobacco fields are the most cultivated plants.

However, for some years farmers started to plant Dragon fruits. That plant is like a cactus and obviously likes the climate. The dragon fruit has a big and nice flower with a sweet smell. The fruits are very delicious indeed.

Actually, a round trip on the island is possible, though it takes time. Madura extends over 150 km from east to west. Considering the traffic and the road condition it takes almost a day.