Ampera Bridge and River Musi

Palembang and River Musi in South Sumatra

Palembang and its river

The Ampera Bridge is a bridge crossing River Musi in Palembang situated on the Indonesian island Sumatra.  The bridge is the main connection between North and South Sumatra. Palembang is a city in South Sumatra and the capital of this region. The city situates on both sides of the banks of River Musi. In other words, River Musi divides Palembang into two parts. Among two others, the tremendous Ampera Bridge connects both parts of the city.

The Ampera Bridge is a very important traffic connection for the city. It’s not only the main connection between the North and the South of Palembang. Moreover, it connects the South and the North of Sumatra as well. Ultimately, the bridge has designed and built in the 1960s as a vertical-lift bridge. Because the intention to build a bridge was also to enable a passage for larger ships on River Musi.

The Ampera bridge is a widely visible landmark today, even if the bridge is unfortunately no longer functional. However, the bridges is still important.

Unfortunately, the bridge has a technical issue with the foundation. Therefore, to stabilize the foundation the bridge counterweights were removed. Because of that, the bridge is out of service and cannot operate anymore. That means the passage for ships is limited and doesn’t exist anymore.

Ampera bridge is a landmark

However, colourfully illuminated by night, the bridge is obviously a hot spot for nightlife in the city. Many restaurants line up left and right beside the bridge. You can eat, drink from there and enjoy a nice view of the illuminated bridge by night. It’s really a nice and enjoyable place.

Five kilometres downstream of the Ampera Bridge locates the famous Kemaro Island with its love story. An island and tourist destination for locals and even for foreigners visiting Palembang.

So far, today the bridge is a widely visible landmark. It is a symbol of the city of Palembang.

Palembang and River Musi in South Sumatra
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