Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen

The Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen is a museum in the town of Unterhuldingen. The town is famous for its historically lake dwelling museum. In the German language called “Pfahlbaumuseum”. The town situates on the north bank at Bodensee in south Germany. The lake is also named “Lake Constance” in English. The museum is a collection of dwellings. All were collected from the Lake Constance region.

Today, the houses are rebuilt as a museum. The houses were raised on piles right on the waterfront. All houses were reconstructed buildings. Some with a history of more than six thousand years.  The lake is bordered by three countries, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Above all, the lake is one of the biggest lakes in Europe.

With enormous effort and dedication of a group of enthusiastic people, rebuilt the houses to their original design from thousands of years ago.

During the ice age, the Rhine Glacier shaped the Rhine valley and the lake. Today, the river Rhine crosses the lake from southeast to northwest. The source of the Rhine River locates in the canton Graubuenden in the eastern Alps of Switzerland. Dwellings around Lake Constance exist for a very long time.

Beginning in 1922 with two houses only the dwelling grew up to more than twenty houses. The houses were erected on piles above the shoreline to protect them from flooding water. That’s only one theory. In addition, trading routes, easier fishing or protection from enemies are other explanations. The lakeshore and all houses are connected by footbridges. The houses, footbridges and piles are made only from wood. While reed was used to cover the roof.

The Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen is an open-air museum. Nicely decorated and well designed. Living rooms, kitchens as well as sleeping areas or working areas were impressively replicated. Until now, however, a lot of opinions and interpretations exist about the Stone Age villages around Lake Constance.

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