Goa Ngerong the mysterious cave

The “Goa Ngerong” cave near Tuban, East Java is the right destination for a short weekend trip.  Located not more than forty minutes to drive by car from Tuban away. The cave locates in the small town of Rengel. It’s a famous place for locals. The entry to the area is directly on the road from Tuban to Bonjenogoro. You cannot miss the small gate on the road.

Indeed “Goa Ngerong” the mysterious cave has something special. As in many places in Java, also there are a lot of myths about the cave and the area that exists. However, locals told me about an angel, a white turtle, a princess and much more. That’s why I have seen a turtle on the gate.

Bats, fish, a crystal clear river and a lot of legends around the cave make this place mysterious.

Somebody told me another myth. The myth is about the connection between the cave and the nearby Waterfall Nglirip. Of course, the place has some magic. The tall trees made a lot of shade and gave the place a strange mood even in the early afternoon.

The cave is the home of a huge bat colony. The bats use the cave as a day roost. Thousands of bats fly, hang or sleep on the cave’s wall above a small river. All in all the bats obviously unimpressed by the visitors. It’s impossible to count how many bats living here.

People around this place believe that unfortunate will happen to those, who take the fish from the river. So far I didn’t take any fish with me. Besides the little river, locals sell everything that is possible in small shops. Finally, another great day in the jungle and without any doubt an interesting place. I learned something about Javanese wildlife and myths today.

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