Summertime in Graubuenden

Summertime in Graubuenden (Grisons)

After a long winter, everybody enjoys now the summertime in Graubuenden (Grisons). The canton Graubuenden with its capital Chur locates in east Switzerland and borders Austria, Lichtenstein and Italy. Well, the snow is molten and the mountains lost their white caps. The lush green alpine meadows dotted with beautiful flowers are everywhere around.

All the stunning pass roads reopen again and can now be easily crossed. The lifts reopen as well and the mountain huts await their guests. It’s an amazing change from the golden autumn over the snowy white in winter to the green everywhere in summertime.

Mt Beverin is really a trekking adventure and can be climb in four hours from the Glasspass side. However, there are other routes as well but more difficult.

One of the important towns in the Rhine valley but not so famous is Thusis. However, Thusis has in the east famous neighbour towns like Arosa, Davos and St. Moritz. All the famous winter sports locations offer also summertime opportunities to spend time.

Not only famous for winter sports but also in the summertime, is the area around Lenzerheide. It’s a beautiful valley with lakes and alpine meadows. Indeed a nice place for trekking and hiking or much more. Green alp meadows, a lot of sun and high mountains that’s Graubuenden in the summertime.

The west side of the Rhine valley isn’t so famous. However, it’s a nice place as well. The Glasspass 1850 m on foot of Mt Beverin provides a nice view in the west and east direction. The Heinzenberg with beautiful alpine meadows is a paradise for hiking. Mt Beverin with it its peak at 2995 m is watching over Thusis.

However, the Rhine valley around Thusis in the summertime is a nice place for trekking, hiking or cycling.

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