Erlichthof a traditinal village

Erlichthof, a traditional village in the Oberlausitz (Upper Lusatia) is an amazing place. Especially in the springtime. One of the reasons is, of course, Easter time. Celebrating Easter in the Oberlausitz commits to many traditions. In the spring it’s particularly beautiful here. All the fresh greenery and the blossoming trees just appear after a sunny day. However, this beautiful time combines local traditions and lifestyles.

In fact, Oberlausitz is an area in eastern Germany. In the east, the region borders Poland. While in the south, there is a border with the Czech Republic. The landscape is marked by heathland and lakes. Huge areas are covered by woods in this region. Therefore, the region is traditionally shaped by agriculture, fishery and forestry.

In the last century, this region had strongly industrialised. In particular, coal mining hit the area very strongly. Today the traditional way of life has completely replaced.

The idea behind the Erlichthof was to rebuild a typical Oberlausitz settlement. How could it be, a historical village arrangement in the Oberlausitz? However, that demonstrates the Erlichthof today. These houses demonstrate the typical local architecture from the last century and before. Erlichthof is beautiful scenery. Build from wood mainly. The houses timbered straight out of the forests around.

Some of the houses are originals and up to 300 years old. Dismantled from places that had to give way to the lignite coal opencast mine. All houses were relocated from the vicinity and reconstructed. Today they are home to museums, artisans, gastronomy and crafts.

The rebuilt wooden houses are in use today. For instance, some are home to a bakery or pottery. Others are for weaving or a coffee shop and much more. The settlement shows a typical heathland village from the Oberlausitz. Today, the entire area is a museum and visitors are welcome.

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