Easter riding a tradition and custom

Easter riding in the “Oberlausitz” (Upper Lusatia), Germany is a very famous event. Celebrated in Radibor every year on Easter Sunday. Radibor is a small village near the city of Bautzen in southeast Germany. The village is only one location for Easter riding in Upper Lusatia. As a matter of fact, in this area living not only Germans.

It’s the home of a Slavic minority as well. However, Oberlausitz is a region in southeast Germany. The area belongs to the state of Saxony. The region borders in east Poland. In the south of the Czech Republic. The landscape is marked by heathland, lakes and woods.

The region is also the home of a Slavic minority in Germany. Customs and traditions sustained by the local people until today. One such custom is Easter riding.  Celebrated every year on Easter Sunday morning.

Therefore, the area is traditionally shaped by agriculture, fishery and forestry. Today, the traditional way of life has been replaced completely. But small villages with great customs and traditions still exist and are alive. Sometimes customs are reborn. On each Easter Sunday morning, horsemen ride with their horses on several routes.

As per tradition, all horsemen are male. The riders wear a black tailcoat and top hat (high top). Riding boots in black colour complete the dress. Not only the horsemen styled nicely. Even more, the horses are rich and colourful decorating. From head until the tail indeed. The preparation for the horses takes hours. All preparations were made by family members and friends.

Once almost forgotten but today, Easter riding is more stylish than ever. However, Easter riding is still part of old habits and customs in the culture of the Oberlausitz. The riding is a public event. Everybody is welcome and can watch the riders from beside the roads indeed.

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