Ticino (Tessin) the suny side of the alps

Swiss canton Ticino (Tessin)

Coming from the north, the door to the Swiss canton Ticino is Thusis. However, followed by the Via Mala gorge and the San Bernardino pass. So far the Northside of the Alps has a rougher climate. The vegetation isn’t so lush here. Ticino has much more diverse vegetation compared to Graubuenden. Temperatures are higher on average than on the north side. That’s why the south side is also called the sunny side of the Alps.

In fact, Ticino borders east and south the Italian regions Lombardy and Piedmont. The common language is Italian. The name Ticino comes from a river that flows into Lake Maggiore.

Lake Maggiore is a very famous lake. The stunning landscape of the Alps combined with the lake gives a beautiful panorama view.

Tourism is a very important economy for the region. The Mediterranean climate is very pleasant. Even more, the mixture of Italian and Swiss culture makes this area so popular. However, the “Lake Maggiore” (Lago Maggiore) and the “Lake Lugano” (Lago di Lugano) are important holiday destinations.

The lake spans north to south for about 65 km. The lake is very famous. It’s one of the major lakes in Switzerland and Italy as well. Only one-quarter of the lake belongs to Switzerland. The other three quarters belong to Italy. Major Swiss cities around the lake are Ascona, Locarno, Brissago and Caviano. In Italy, major cities are Verbania, Arona, Laveno and Luino.

The Mediterranean styled gardens and beautiful buildings everywhere are amazing. The villas on the shore of Lake Maggiore are really nice to see. Due to the Mediterranean climate, sub-tropical plants grow here very well. With pasta, pizza and Prosecco a bit of Italian lifestyle, that’s Dolce Vita. Finally, the canton of Ticino and the Italian regions Lombardy and Piedmont are really lovely places.

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