Annular solar eclipse January 15, 2010

An annular solar eclipse on 2010 January, 15 occurred in Africa. However, the eclipse is visible only as a partial eclipse from Khartoum the capital of Sudan. The eclipse starts early morning and ends at noon. It is the longest annular solar eclipse of the millennium and the longest until December 23, 3043.

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon covers the Sun’s centre but leaves the Sun’s outer edges visible. The result is a “ring of fire” or an annulus around the Moon.

All in all, the maximum length of the annular solar eclipse is 11 minutes and 7.8 seconds. This time only applies to the centre of the path. Unfortunately, my location is too much north. Therefore, the eclipse will not appear as a annualr eclipse.

In fact, the annular solar eclipse starts in Central Africa in Chad. The eclipse stretched up over the Indian Ocean crossed the Maldives and reached India. Finally, the annular solar eclipse ends in the north of China. However, the eclipse is visible as a partial eclipse only. But over a large area across Africa, the Indian Ocean and South Asia.

In my location in Khartoum, I can only experience a partial eclipse. Accordingly, the occultation in Khartoum is 45% at maximum only.

A perfect sky

My viewpoint is not the best of all or most favourable because of the river Nile. The Nile flows between our location and the point where the sun comes up. That’s why a lot of humidity above the Nile makes the view misty and blurred.

I’m really worried about the view. But I’m lucky because after sunrise the mist and fog disappeared quickly and the sky cleared up. So far during the partial eclipse, the sky was cloudless and the eclipse was visible excellent. That was the longest annular solar eclipse of the millennium.

I tried to capture some pictures with simple tools. Because I had no tripod so I took the picture right out of my hands.  The 300 mm telelens I used, is a bit short. I didn’t get the sun big enough to the sensor as I wish. So far, the images are good but not perfect. Finally, a wonderful partial solar eclipse was visible in Khartoum and gave me a great experience.


The annular solar eclipse  on 2010 January, 15

Common information (Time = UT):

Maximum phase: 0.920

The beginning of the partial eclipse: 4h 5m 16s
The beginning of the total eclipse: 5h 13m 45s
Maximum phase: 7h 6m 21s
Ending of the total eclipse: 8h 58m 50s
Ending of the partial eclipse: 10h 7m 20s

Maximum eclipse:
Longitude: 69° 20.9′ E;  Latitude: 1° 37.2′ N

ET-UT = +75.0s

Local circumstances (Time = UT + 2.0h):

Partial (Is not visible completely.)
15 Jan 2010 AD
Maximum phase: 0.585

The beginning of the partial eclipse: –
Maximum phase: 7h 35m 18s
Ending of the partial eclipse: 9h 8m 50s

Position angles:
The beginning of the partial eclipse: –
Ending of the partial eclipse: 101.6°

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