The confluence of the River Nile is one of the most interesting things to know about Khartoum. Actually, the River Nile merged from the White Nile and from the Blue Nile. The source of the White Nile locates in Uganda. While the source of the Blue Nile is in Ethiopia. The confluence of the White Nile and the Blue Nile to the River Nile locates in Khartoum. From this point in Khartoum, the river called River Nile or Great Nile..  and flows now in the north direction.

After a long way across the Nubian Desert, the river passed the famous Nile cataracts. Then River Nile left Sudan and cross through Egypt. Finally, the Nile discharges into the Mediterranean Sea in North Egypt.

The common meaning of Khartoum is “elephant trunk” because of the shape of the Blue Nile locals told us. Indeed the confluence has a deep impact on the city. The rivers divide the city into three parts.

In the west locates Omdurman and Khartoum city in the south-east. While in the north, of course, Khartoum North or Bahri locates. Omdurman is the biggest city of all, while Bahri is the industrial centre. Above all Khartoum is the capital.

In the middle of the confluence, the Blue Nile shapes Tuti Island. Actually, the island is the home of a village. The island is mainly used for agriculture by the villagers. A brand new built bridge spans over the Blue Nile and connects Khartoum with Tuti island. However, there is a plan to develop Tuti island for tourists.

The Nile Road is a famous road in Khartoum. The road winds along the south bank of the Blue Nile and gives a fantastic view of the river. A lot of facilities locating along Nile road. For instance, restaurants, churches, museums and gardens.

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