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26 Nov 2014

Jakarta the capital of Indonesia

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. The city locates on the main island of Java. The entire state of Indonesia consists of around seventeen thousand islands. However, Java is the most populated and industrialised island and the home of Jakarta. With ten million inhabitants and thirty million in the surrounding areas, Jakarta is the biggest city in south-east Asia. The city is famous for its never-ending traffic jams.  Sometimes it takes more than three hours in a traffic jam just to drive 10 […]

18 Nov 2014
Cafe Batavia

The Cafe Batavia in Jakarta

The Cafe Batavia is a coffee shop in the old town of Jakarta. The old town, in the Indonesian language “Kota Tua”, is the first settlement of the Dutch people. It was in the 16th century when the Dutch came to that area. The town square is still framed with buildings at this time. Some of these buildings have been renewed in recent years. One is the Townhall and a couple of other historical buildings. The old city locates in […]

18 Feb 2010
Khartoum the elephant trunk

Khartoum the elephant trunk

Khartoum is the capital of Sudan. The country shapes the Northeast part of the African continent. In the West and North is desert. But in the East, has Sudan a long coastline on the Red Sea. Here join the West African, Central African and Arabic cultures together. Compared with other cities in this region Khartoum is a very young city. Since its founding in 1821, the city grows very quick from a local military outpost to the capital of Sudan […]

17 Jan 2010
Annular solar eclipse January 15, 2010

Annular solar eclipse on 2010 January, 15

An annular solar eclipse on 2010 January, 15 occurred in Africa. However, the eclipse is visible only as a partial eclipse from Khartoum the capital of Sudan. The eclipse starts early morning and ends at noon. It is the longest annular solar eclipse of the millennium and the longest until December 23, 3043. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon covers the Sun’s centre but leaves the Sun’s outer edges visible. The result is a “ring of fire” or […]

26 Nov 2009

The confluence of River Nile

The confluence of the River Nile is one of the most interesting things to know about Khartoum. Actually, the River Nile merged from the White Nile and from the Blue Nile. The source of the White Nile locates in Uganda. While the source of the Blue Nile is in Ethiopia. The confluence of the White Nile and the Blue Nile to the River Nile locates in Khartoum. From this point in Khartoum, the river called River Nile or Great Nile..  and flows […]

28 Sep 2009
Bahrain a island in the Persian Gulf

Bahrain and Manama the capital

The Kingdom of Bahrain and Manama as its capital is a small island state in the western Persian Gulf. The islands are situated close to the east coast of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. All in all, the island state consists of around 33 islands.  While in the north of the island the capital Manama with the city centre situates. In the south, exist largely desert and salt lakes only. Bahrain has an arid climate. The “King Fahd Causeway” is a […]

25 Jun 2009
Desert and car racing

Desert and car racing

Desert and car racing are two things that could hardly be more opposite. But in Bahrain that is reality. While the north of the island is characterized by the capital as an urban centre, most of the southern part consists of desert. What makes the island famous is, of course, the Formula 1 racing course. The racing course locates in the southwest of the main island. Some of 30 km from the capital Manama away. This area is surrounded by […]

20 Feb 2008
Sanaa, One Thousand and One Nights

Sanaa, One Thousand and One Nights

Sanaa, the capital of Yemen locates in the west of Yemen. Craggy, cleft and rocky landscapes surround the city. The mountains are part of the Central Highlands. Up to the present time, the capital is the largest city in Yemen. Taizz and Aden follow and are two other important Yemeni cities. The city of Sanaa has a very long history. With around 2300 m the city is, even more, one of the highest capitals in the world. The climate in Sanaa […]