Himalayan foothills in northern India

Himalayan foothills in Northern India

The Himalayan foothills in northern India are part of the north Indian district of Uttarakhand. Dehradun is the capital of this district. The district of Uttarakhand borders in the north to China. While in the east the border is to Nepal. Some of the highest mountains in India situated here.  Two of the four most important Hindu sanctuaries have their home here. Moreover, it’s the headwater of the river Ganges and Yamuna. Both are India’s holy rivers.

Both rivers flow in parallel from North to Southeast. Their confluence is the city of Allahabad. From there the river called the Ganges. Finally, the river ends in the Gulf of Bengal. The names Yamuna and Ganges derived from gods. Ganges and Yamuna have an important meaning in Hinduism. Many Hindu temples and pilgrimage sites locating along the rivers.

One of the headstreams of the Ganges is the Bhagirathi River. The river starts at the holy mouth at the end of the Gangotri glacier. Moreover, the Bhagirathi River attends the Chota Char Dham pilgrimage route. Innumerable people pilgrimage on this way along the river.

The pilgrims start mostly from Dehradun or Rishikesh. Finally, the end of the route is the Gangotri glacier. The glacier is actually the source of the Bhagirathi. It’s a traditional Hindu pilgrimage site as well. Both rivers, the Ganges and the Yamuna have many tributaries. The source of the Yamuna River is the Yamunotri Glacier in the Himalaya. However, the Yamuna has a strongly regulated channel system. The irrigation starts with the Dakpathar barrage.

At last, Indian food especially the vegetarian food served in Uttarkashi is really excellent. Many wild mountain rivers, deep valleys and the Himalayan Mountains give an amazing experience. The Himalayan foothills have a stunning landscape and the mystic of the Hindu religion is quite fascinating.