Dehradun the gate to northern India

Dehradun the gate to northern India is a city in the northern part of India. The city is the capital of the north Indian district of Uttarakhand. Dehradun is approximately 250 km north of New Delhi. By train, it takes around six hours to travel time from New Delhi. The district of Uttarakhand borders in the north to China. While in the east the border is with Nepal.

Some of the highest mountains in India are situated in this district. Two of the four most important Hindu sanctuaries have their home here. Moreover, it is the headwater of the rivers Ganges and Yamuna. Both are India’s most famous and holy rivers.

Dehradun is the gate to northern India. Because of the near to the holy rivers, many Hindu pilgrimages starts from the city. However, the city is the economic centre of north India.

The climate in the Dehradun region is subtropical and very humid. The region is markedly under the influence of monsoon. Hot and heavy rain almost every day isn’t unusual. The area has a lot of agriculture, therefore. For instance, the famous Basmati rice is planted on many rice fields around Dehradun. However, more north in the Himalayas Mountains, the climate is different. Cold temperatures and snow are predominant there indeed.

The city situates between the two holy Indian rivers. So far, the city is a quite busy place. The holy rivers are the rivers Ganges and Yamuna. While the Yamuna River flows in the east, the Ganges River flows in the west. Hindu temples and pilgrimage centres spread out around the entire district of Uttarakhand.

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