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22 Jul 2018
Augrabies waterfalls

Augrabies waterfalls

The Northern Cape has a couple of interesting places to visit. One of them is indeed the Augrabies waterfalls. Unfortunately, I haven’t learned so much about the Oranje River in school. However, the most important thing was, that the river is the biggest in South Africa. Also, the river comes from Lesotho’s Drakenbergs and crosses South Africa from east to west. The Augrabies Waterfalls locating in the Augrabies National Park in the northwest of South Africa, close to the Namibian border. […]

23 Nov 2016
Nglirip waterfall

The Nglirip waterfall

The Nglirip waterfall locates south of Tuban. By car just forty minutes to drive into the highland jungle. Tuban is a town around 100 km northwest of Surabaya in East Java. The waterfall locates nearby a small village. However, the village and the area are called Nglirip Mulyoagung village. A little river feeds the waterfall. That’s why the name of the waterfall is Nglirip waterfall. Actually, the highlands are coral riffs and millions of years old. Because the sea level had fallen, […]

10 Aug 2013
Kemaro Island and a love story

Kemaro Island and a love story

Kemaro Island is an island in the River Musi. The island locates at a distance of around 5 km downstream from the Ampera Bridge in Palembang. The island locates close to the north bank of River Musi. For a long time, the island is a famous tourist destination for locals and even for foreigners visiting Palembang. The island is easy to reach by so-called speedboats. The speedboats for cruising on River Musi are available all along the river banks. The name is […]

08 Aug 2013
Palembang and River Musi in South Sumatra

Palembang and South Sumatra

Palembang is the capital of South Sumatra. The island of Sumatra is the western and largest island of Indonesia. While Palembang is the capital of South Sumatra, the city of Medan is the capital of the North. The city is the economic centre of the south. It’s one of the major cities in Indonesia. Palembang locates on the banks of River Musi. In fact, Musi divides Palembang into two parts. A bridge connects both parts of the city among two others. […]

09 Aug 2010
Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen

Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen

The Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen is a museum in the town of Unterhuldingen. The town is famous for its historically lake dwelling museum. In the German language called “Pfahlbaumuseum”. The town situates on the north bank at Bodensee in south Germany. The lake is also named “Lake Constance” in English. The museum is a collection of dwellings. All were collected from the Lake Constance region. Today, the houses are rebuilt as a museum. The houses were raised on piles right on the waterfront. All houses […]

23 Jul 2010
River Rhine and the Rhine Falls

River Rhine and the Rhine Falls

The River Rhine is one of the longest and biggest rivers in Europe. The river crosses Europe from southeast Switzerland to the northwest of the Netherland. It’s a very important river for Germany. In other words, the Rhine is one of the most used waterways in the world. The Rhine is the biggest river in Germany and very important for the economy and for tourism. Actually, the Rhine has two sources. The first source, the Hinterrhine locates in canton Graubuenden in […]

08 Mar 2010
Sabaloka gorge or the Sixth Nile Cataract

Sabaloka gorge or cataract number six

Al Sabalouga, also called Sabaloka gorge or in English Cataract Number Six of the River Nile. The location is downstream approximately 100 km northwest of Khartoum near Meroe. Meroe was the capital of the Kingdom of Kush for several centuries in ancient. The River Nile has six cataracts. While only one cataract locates in Egypt the other five cataracts locate in Sudan. Today, cataract number five doesn’t exist anymore. It had been flooded by the Meroe dam. Al Sabalouga is […]

18 Feb 2010
Khartoum the elephant trunk

Khartoum the elephant trunk

Khartoum is the capital of Sudan. The country shapes the Northeast part of the African continent. In the West and North is desert. But in the East, has Sudan a long coastline on the Red Sea. Here join the West African, Central African and Arabic cultures together. Compared with other cities in this region Khartoum is a very young city. Since its founding in 1821, the city grows very quick from a local military outpost to the capital of Sudan […]

08 Feb 2010
Jebel Aulia Dam and Reservoir

Jebel Aulia dam and reservoir

The Jebel Aulia dam and reservoir is the second-largest water reservoir in Sudan. The dam locates around 45 km upstream south of Khartoum the capital of Sudan. So far, it’s one hour away from Khartoum by car. The White Nile feeds the reservoir and shapes thus the Jebel Aulia reservoir. The source of the White Nile locates in Uganda. The confluence of the White Nile and the Blue Nile to the River Nile is in Khartoum. After a long way across the Nubian desert […]