The volcano Mount Lawu

The volcano Mount Lawu

The volcano Mount Lawu is an inactive volcano. The volcano is belonging to Central Java. However, the borderline to East Java crosses through this area. The volcano locates between Surakarta and Magetan. The city of Surakarta is called also Solo. Surakarta is one of the important centres of Javanese culture. Moreover, Yogyakarta is another significant centre of Javanese culture. Both cities are not far from here.

In fact, the volcano Mount Lawu is an inactive stratovolcano. The height is 3265 m. That makes Mt Lawu one of the highest mountains in Indonesia. Like everywhere in Java, the landscape around Mount Lawu is shaped by volcanos. Even though Mt Lawu is an inactive volcano, it doesn’t mean that there are no volcanic activities. However, fumarolic vents and bubbling water are persistent everywhere.

Surprisingly, strawberries farming is very popular. Uncountable strawberry yards along the road invite people for self picking.

The highlands around Mount Lawu have a moderate climate. That’s why farming is very popular in this area. The pleasant temperature and enough rain make farming very lucrative. The area supplies the surrounding cities with vegetables and fruits.

So far, hiking to the peak of Mt Lawu is possible. It takes a hike of around 7 hours to the top. Locals told me there are several hiking trails to the top. However, it’s a tour for one day, with an overnight stay.

On the western flanks of the volcano are some historic temple buildings. These temples belong to the Hinduism religion. Hinduism was omnipresent in Java up to the fifteenth century. Some maintained temple buildings are in good condition. Like everywhere in Java there is also a legend about Mt Lawu. The legend says that a Majapahit king was buried at Mount Lawu. For that reason, Mount Lawu is a sacred place.

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