Lake Sarangan and the strawberry paradise

Lake Sarangan and Mt Lawu trip

Lake Sarangan and the strawberry paradise on the slopes of Mount Lawu is a famous places. Most locals visit the place for a weekend trip. Lake Sarangan locates in East Java, between Solo and Magetan. The lake locating at an altitude of 1287 m at the southern slope of Lawu.

However, the border between East Java and Central Java crosses through this area. The cities of Solo and Yogyakarta are important centres of Javanese culture. Both are not far from here.

Because of the moderate climate and the lovely countryside, the lake and the mountains became a well-known place. Small hotels and cottages awaiting their guests around the lake.

Like everywhere in Java, volcanos shape the landscape. The same as around Lake Sarangan. Mount Lawu is an inactive stratovolcano, with a height of 3265 m. It’s one of the highest mountains in Indonesia. Surrounded by mountains and farmland the lake gives a nice scenery in between.

Farming is very popular due to the moderate climate at this altitude. However, vegetables such as tomatoes, white cabbage, and onions grow here. Moreover, carrots, potatoes, beans and much more are popular as well. Not only vegetable growth here but also many different kinds of fruits are available. For instance, pomelos, bananas, rambutan, orange and much more grow here as well. Strawberry planting is very popular. In fact, the area is a strawberry paradise. Strawberries grow in many places. Customers can pick their own strawberries from many yards.

Speedboats are an eyecatcher on the lakeshore as well. Of course, the boats are to rent and are always ready for a ride on the lake. A grilled rabbit is a local speciality in food. In other words, Lake Sarangan is a very popular place. Mostly preferred by residents from East Java and Central Java for weekend trips.

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