Under African skies

Under African skies

African skies are
spectacular stargazing experiences

At the end of the day when the sun drops down, the dust settled and after a short twilight transition then the African skies change dramatically. The temperature drops and millions of cicadas starting playing music. That is even the time when the sky looks like washed and then suddenly the first stars appear. It’s the time to enjoy the evening under African skies in the Kalahari.

That wording reminds me of the song “Under African Skies” from Paul Simon. However, today I’m sitting under African skies enjoying Paul Simons song and dream under the celestial constellations in the Kalahari. One of the amazing things in South Africa is the night sky indeed. Dozens of astronomy freaks travelling year by year to South Afrika because of good observing conditions.

The density of population is very low in South Afrika and it has a huge territory. Therefore the light pollution is very low compared to Europe or other areas.

I have never seen such a clear and undisturbed night sky. Especially in the Northern Cape province where light pollution is extremely low. That is the goal for fantastic stargazing experience.

One of the most famous constellations is the Cross of the south. The cross is only visible in the southern hemisphere. Also, the Orion and its belt with all the nebulas are easy to identify with the naked eyes. Sirius a blue giant close to Orion with his bright and brilliant blue colour is easy to find.

From East Java in Indonesia, the Cross of the south is visible just a bit over the horizon. In South Africa, the cross is easy and clear to identify. Because it is much more over the horizon.

The African skies are a spectacular experience not only for astronomers for everybody indeed.

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