The white sand dunes

The white sand dunes

The white sand dunes near Oilifantshoek are a place not far from Kathu. In the Africaans language, they are called Witsand Nature Reserve. What stands for the white sand nature reserve. It’s a trip of three hours to the west. First, driving from Kathu and following the national road N14 in the direction of Upington. Then the second part is an unpaved road. Short after the little town of Oilifantshoek, a poster indicates to turn left from the main road into the Kalahari desert.

From there following the unpaved road until the end. In some places, the road evolved into a big challenge. It’s good to have a 4 by 4 driven car. That makes the journey more easy and safe. However, 70 km took around two hours. Offroad and far off the next main road it was a really exciting bumpy ride. For sure it’s a great adventure.

The white sand dunes give a huge contrast to the red sand of the Kalahari desert. It’s an amazing look from far.

The white sand dunes are a nature reserve. To stay overnight is possible. Just a couple of cottages are available out there. Very simple furnished but good enough to stay for a night.

The dunes look like a white island in a red ocean. Iron oxide enriched sand of the Kalahari desert makes that picture possible. As a matter of fact, there is only sand, more sand, and much more sand. It’s a very dry, very hot remote place. There is nothing out there. But that makes the place so interesting.

Due to the remote location, it might be interesting to stay overnight for stargazing. However, the hot and arid climate makes it difficult to find animals during the daytime. But even then some antelopes like springbok or kudu appear from time to time.

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