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The Kwan Sing Bio Temple

Kwan Sing Bio temple

The Kwan Sing Bio Temple is a Chinese temple in Tuban, East Java. The temple is one of the largest Chinese temples in South East Asia. Visited by thousands per year the Kwan Sing Bio temple Tuban is an important religious place. An important place in the history of Chinese religion and culture. Not only for Indonesia but even more in South East Asia. Most Chinese from Indonesia visit the temple. However, people from other countries around Indonesia. Visitors from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and of course China all come together in Tuban.

As usual in Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol everywhere around the world. But as we can see, here in Tuban not. The symbol of the Chinese temple in Tuban is a crab. The huge crab figure placed above the entrance is the icon and is visible from afar. So far, the crab as the symbol comes from a legend. The legend says that a huge crab visited the temple by entering the temple from the shoreside.

A crab as an icon and the location on the Java Sea makes the temple very unique.

Besides the practice of religion, the temple is also used for performances and other events. Each year the celebration of Chinese New Year in the Kwan Sing Bio temple is a major event indeed. But there is more. For instance, Barongsai, Chinese puppet shows, fireworks, Kung Fu and other performances are held here.

In fact, believers from different countries meet here in conjunction to celebrate their religion. However, the temple has a lot of unique things. But what makes the temple so unique? For sure, one thing is the location. Located just a few steps away from the shore with the main entrance in the direction of the Java Sea. That thing makes the temple very unique.