The Nglirip waterfall

The Nglirip waterfall

Nglirip waterfall in
the Javanese jungle

The Nglirip waterfall locates just forty minutes south from Tuban by car into the highland jungle. Tuban is a town around one hundred kilometres northwest of Surabaya in East Java. The waterfall is nearby a small village. The village and the area around called Nglirip Mulyoagung village. The little river feeds the waterfall and called as well Nglirip waterfall.

Actually, the highlands are coral riffs and millions of years old. Because the sea level had fallen, the riffs came up to surface. The colours of the limestone are something between white and light brown. However, during the sunset, the limestone changes the colour by following the colour of the sun. That’s the right time to come over here and take some pictures.

Mostly in the dry season, the creek has a low water level. But in the rainy season after a few days of rain only, the creek becomes a little river. At this time the waterfall is a stunning place to feel the power and hear the roaring of the water. The water drops from around twenty-five metres down into a natural pool. Then the creek disappears into the Javanese jungle.

Jungle, waterfall and a legend that shapes attention. Indeed Tubanese people like to spend their spare time here. On the weekends the waterfall becomes a hotspot for visitors and turn into a crowded place.

Locals talk about a legend. It’s a legend about the Princess Nglirip and her love story. Finally, the story tells that Princess Nglirip kept imprisoned in a nearby cave. According to the legend, the cave is downstream close to the waterfall. Sometimes the princess reappears to the local residents. Another legend says something about a connection between the waterfall Nglirip and the cave of Goa Ngerong in Rengel village.

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