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Ubud the cultural and spiritual centre of Bali

Ubud the cultural and spiritual centre of Bali

Ubud the cultural and spiritual centre of Bali is full of spirit. Temples are everywhere and Hinduism is part of daily life. Ubud the city in the middle of the island of Bali is not like the capital Denpasar in the south. While Denpasar converted into modern styled capital, the small towns and villages still kept the Balinese way of life.

Compared to Denpasar the city is more the cultural and traditional art centre of the island. That’s obviously on each corner. It’s a matter of fact, that tourism is the major source of income in Ubud. However, the town surrounds rice fields, forests and many small settlements. Ubud connects Denpasar by a road to the north of the island. Bali’s location close to the equator gives Ubud a tropical climate.

As a cultural centre, the town has many temples and museums reflecting the Balinese tradition and culture.

Ubud’s monkey forest is a natural forest and pure wildlife. It’s the home for wild living monkeys. Take care of yourself. The monkeys know exactly what you have and what they want. For sure, they will take it if they get a chance. The monkeys live in and around the temple area. The huge tropical trees spend a pleasant shadow during the daytime. It’s the right place to escape the hot temperatures in the afternoon.

While Denpasar is the busy capital, the city of Ubud is completely different. No doubt, Ubud is the cultural centre of Bali. Balinese dance and Gamelan music is one of the most famous Balinese traditions and attractions today. Many museums and craft workshops have their home here. So far, famous handicrafts are pottery, artwork and Batik. But one of the famous Balinese handicrafts is painting. Many little shops offer paintings for sale not only with Balinese motives.