Tuban five years later

Tuban six years later

Tuban six years later and so many things have changed since I arrived. So many new things I have learned in all over the time I spent here. So many things I have discovered compared to my first impression from Tuban when I arrived years ago. I visited all the amazing places around the town. I spend hours with my friends at the Waterfall Nglirip, the Cave Goa Ngerong, or the Jetty Pantai Boo.

The center of urban life is Alun Alun. Actually, that is the place in the middle of the town.  Many social activities take place here. Like night markets, public events and the Friday and Saturday nightlife. Here, I enjoyed many times the great Wayang Kulit performances. However, Tuban is a midsize town. Most important for the town is to going further and developing year by year.

Like everywhere in Indonesia Batik is also famous in Tuban. The traditional motifs are almost from sea creature and very dark with a lot of blue. As the usual practice in Indonesia, Friday is the Batik day. Even me on Fridays I always wear a Batik shirt.

Tuban is also the home of the Kwan Sing Bio temple. A Chinese temple and only a couple of minutes to walk from my house away. Many events like the Chinese New Year or anniversaries I enjoyed here.

Finally, I have to say thank you to all my friends I found here. To all of the guys who helped me, supported me and made my life comfortable. After almost six years I have to say goodbye. In one month I will leave Tuban and return home to Germany. Of course, I will keep all the nice moments from this extraordinary time in my memories. It was a great time full of great memories.