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The rice fields of Tuban

Rice fields

The rice fields of Tuban surround the town like uncountable small lakes. The lush green of the rice plants and glittering waters are a beautiful sight. While Tuban is developing as an industrial city, agriculture is still everywhere. Either as rice fields or as vegetable fields. For instance, melon, papaya, peanuts or cornfields.

In almost all Asian countries rice is the number one food.  Rice is always on the table together with almost every meal. Indonesia has plenty of different dishes based on rice. For instance, the most famous Nasi goreng.

After the hot and dry season, the new rice season starts. It’s nice to see when the fresh and lush green grows.

During the dry season, the fields are dry and have no use. Before the new rainy season begins the farmers maintain and prepare the rice fields for the new season. After repairing the dam, watering starts. Finally, the plot flooded completely with water. Then the new seedlings were stacked. In fact, rice farming needs a lot of water and manpower.

Actually, in Tuban three harvesting seasons are possible. But in many areas in Indonesia, up to four harvesting seasons is the reality. That depends on the climate conditions. Tuban is very hot and dry during the dry season. More than in other areas. That’s why only three seasons are possible.

The farmers do almost all the work by hand. A small tractor is the only machinery. The tractor is in use as a plough to break up the hard and dry soil.

In some spots, the rice is cultivated on terraces. While in hilly areas it’s a common way, in Tuban existing just a couple of such terraces. All the time, I spent in Tuban I was always impressed by the farmer, doing their hard job in the rice fields of Tuban.