The rice fields of Tuban

The rice fields of Tuban

Rice fields,
rice farming and rice terraces

Even if Tuban developing as an industrial city the rice fields are present all around the town. All over the time, I spent in Tuban I always impressed by the farmer and their hard job. Many different kinds of rice are available.

In almost all Asian countries it is the number one food. Beginning in the morning, later lunch and finally, for dinner, rice is always present. There are plenty of dishes based on rice in Indonesia. Obviously, it is the main dish. The most famous is the Nasi goreng indeed. Rice farming needs a lot of water.

In the dry season, the fields dried out and have no use. Before the rainy season starts the farmer maintaining and preparing the fields for the new season. After preparing the plot and repairing the dam the plot flooded with water. Then the seedlings stacked.

The straw mostly burned after harvest, to quickly prepare the land for wheat planting again. The air was always full of stinky smoke at this time.

In Tuban three harvesting seasons are possible. But in many areas in Indonesia, up to four harvesting seasons is the reality. That depends on the climate conditions. Tuban is very hot and dry during the dry season. More than in other areas that’s why only three seasons.

The farmers doing all the work by hands only. The only one machine is a small tractor. The tractor is in use as a plough after watering the field.

The fresh and lush green is nice to see after the long, hot dry season. When the rice is ripe, uncountable bird swarms occupying the fields.

In some spots, the rice cultivated in terraces. While in hilly areas it is a common way, in Tuban are just a couple of such terraces.

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