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10 Aug 2013
Kemaro Island and a love story

Kemaro Island and a love story

Kemaro Island is an island in the River Musi. The island locates at a distance of around 5 km downstream from the Ampera Bridge in Palembang. The island locates close to the north bank of River Musi. For a long time, the island is a famous tourist destination for locals and even for foreigners visiting Palembang. The island is easy to reach by so-called speedboats. The speedboats for cruising on River Musi are available all along the river banks. The name is […]

08 Aug 2013
Palembang and River Musi in South Sumatra

Palembang and South Sumatra

Palembang is the capital of South Sumatra. The island of Sumatra is the western and largest island of Indonesia. While Palembang is the capital of South Sumatra, the city of Medan is the capital of the North. The city is the economic centre of the south. It’s one of the major cities in Indonesia. Palembang locates on the banks of River Musi. In fact, Musi divides Palembang into two parts. A bridge connects both parts of the city among two others. […]