Saudi Arabia, Dates, Desert, Camels

Saudi Arabia situated on the Arabic peninsula. The eastern province borders in the east to the Persian Gulf. In the west the province borders by a desert. In opposite to the city of Al Khobar locates the small island state of Bahrain. The 26 km long King Fahd Causeway connects both countries, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The checkpoint locates in the middle of the causeway on an artificial island.

The characteristic of Saudi Arabia is the vast desert and the extremely arid climate. Despite the major cities, there is nothing more than a desert. The vegetation is very poor. The only trees mainly are date palms. However, some kind of low grasses sometimes grow. Always amazing is the fact, there is water there is life. Especially in the palm groves of the oases. Life is very diverse here.

A symbol of the desert is, of course, the camel. And indeed camels are the only big animal in the desert beside sheep and some insects. Sometimes large herds of camels blocked the road. It seems the camels like the road very much.

One of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves locates in the eastern province. It’s obviously because gas and oil plants are visible almost everywhere. However, it’s difficult to imagine that millions of years this area was a lush green habitat.

Saudi Arabia has a desert climate with extremely high daytime temperatures. With up to 50 °C in the summertime, the temperature can be really hot. However, with a low around 8 °C in the wintertime, it could be very cool as well. While in the summer the water in the gulf is extremely warm, it’s even cooler in winter. Finally, Saudi Arabia means dates, shifting sand dunes, hot air and a lot of camels, the desert is everywhere.

Dammam, Dhahran and Al Khobar

The triplets Dammam, Dhahran and Al Khobar are three major cities in Saudi Arabia. All three belong to the Eastern Province. The province borders in the east to the Persian Gulf. However, in southeast Qatar and the United Arabic Emirates are not far from Dammam. In Al Khobar starts the 26 km long “King Fahd Causeway”. The highway connects Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. That is the only connection between both countries.

The three cities of Dammam, Dhahran and Al Khobar linked together today. Altogether they shape the metropolitan area Dammam. The triplets connected by a highway with Saudi’s capital Riad. It’s the economic, cultural and administrative centre of the Eastern Province. Even more, the Eastern Province is also the centre of the oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia. Previously Dammam, Dhahran, Al Khobar had been small fishing villages. But today the metropolitan area grows into a major economic centre.

The Half Moon Bay is a long beach in the south of Al Khobar. Used not only by locals as a recreation area. Kilometres of beach, hotels and compounds are here.

Surrounded by desert the region Dammam has an extremely hot desert climate. Especially in summertime temperatures raised between 45 and 50 degrees. In wintertime, the temperature drops below 10 °C. So far, in February heavy thunderstorms attended by a lot of rain are not unusual.

Not far from Half Moon Bay, a population of flamingos has their home. It’s nice to watch such beautiful pink coloured and tall birds. The flamingos always picking in the water and looking for some food. Al Khobar has a Corniche. It’s a long road along the shore. The Corniche lined up with many restaurants, coffee shops and playgrounds along the Persian Gulf. It’s a famous place especially in the evening and on weekends.