Jakarta the capital of Indonesia

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. The city locates on the main island of Java. The entire state of Indonesia consists of around seventeen thousand islands. However, Java is the most populated and industrialised island and the home of Jakarta. With ten million inhabitants and thirty million in the surrounding areas, Jakarta is the biggest city in south-east Asia. The city is famous for its never-ending traffic jams.  Sometimes it takes more than three hours in a traffic jam just to drive 10 […]

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Cafe Batavia

The Cafe Batavia in Jakarta

The Cafe Batavia is a coffee shop in the old town of Jakarta. The old town, in the Indonesian language “Kota Tua”, is the first settlement of the Dutch people. It was in the 16th century when the Dutch came to that area. The town square is still framed with buildings at this time. Some of these buildings have been renewed in recent years. One is the Townhall and a couple of other historical buildings. The old city locates in […]

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Java coffee

Java coffee is Java’s black gold

Java coffee is Java’s black gold. Coffee is one of the most famous things on Java Island. The coffee made the island prominent worldwide. For instance, many cafes or bars have Java coffee or mocha on the menu. In fact, the coffee isn’t of origin from Indonesia. During the colonisation of Indonesia, in the 17th century, the Dutch brought coffee to Indonesia. Today, coffee is a big industry in Indonesia. Not only in Java growing coffee shrubs. Other islands such […]

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Gamelan orchestra

Gamelan music the mystic of Indonesia

Gamelan music is a traditional music style from Indonesia. The music is performed in an orchestra. Gamelan music, Batik and Wayang kulit are the most important things in Indonesian art and culture. The Gamelan is most common on Java and Bali islands. Sulawesi has its own kind of music called Kulintang and Bali has Rindik. Indeed there are other interesting things about Indonesia. But the traditional music and puppet theatre is Indonesian culture and part of social life. The unique atmosphere and the style of music […]

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