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11 Dec 2007


The gate to the world Shanghai was at all times the dream of every sailor in the world. Sometimes the city is called also the “Gate to the world”. Shanghai is one of the biggest agglomerations in the world. The urban centre counts around 15 million inhabitants. The whole agglomeration counts around 25 million inhabitants. It was and is still even today a very important business and trading centre. With the busiest harbour, a global financial centre and many industries, Shanghai is […]

15 May 2007
Summer Palace

The Summer Palace in Beijing

The Summer Palace in Beijing is a fascinating place. During a stopover in Beijing, I took the opportunity to visit one of the city’s famous places. However, Beijing has many such great places. But the Summer Palace is an important part of Chinese history. The palace area combines a lake with palaces and gardens. The palaces and gardens were built on top and around a hill. From the top of the hill, it’s an amazing overview of the whole area. The palace is based on […]

11 Apr 2007
Beale Street in Memphis

Memphis, BBQ and Blues Music

Welcome to Memphis, Tennessee, that was the first what I read after a long journey from Frankfurt via Amsterdam to Memphis. What I know about the city isn’t so much. But some I remember from the books I read. The city locates on the Mississippi River. Probably the most famous and important river in North America. The city is home to Blues Music. Many world-famous musicians come from here. Indeed the famous Beal Street is one of the iconic places. But Memphis has […]

09 Apr 2007
Graceland, the King is back

Graceland, the King is back

Memphis is not only famous for the Beale Street, BBQ and Blues music. The city especially Graceland is also the home of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. He is one of the most famous icons in the entertainment business. Even though he was born in Tupelo, Tennessee he settled down in Memphis where he bought the Graceland mansion. Graceland is located at Elvis Presley Boulevard in the south of central Memphis. It’s easy to reach and has […]