Singapore one of the Four Asian Tigers

Singapore one of the four Asian tiger

Singapore also called “TheLion City” is one of the Four Asian Tigers. Together with South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, they are the Four Asian Tiger states. The city locates close to the equator. Singapore is one of the most important financial and trading places in Asia. All in all, Singapore is an island, a city, a state, and a country all in one.  The tropical country in South East Asia locates on the south end of the Malaysian peninsula. The Strait of Malacca separates Sumatra and Malaysia.

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city that is merged traditional and modern styles. Different cultures and multiple ethnicities live in the city. Close to the equator the city has a tropical rainforest climate. Due to the rainy season from November to January the humidity is very high. The temperature within an average of 31 °C is quite constant all over the year.

Singapore, a mix of different cultures, a tropical garden and a shopping paradise. Anyway, there is much more than just shopping.

Changi Airport connects the city with the rest of the world. Moreover, Changi airport is the hub between Europe, Australia and New Zealand. However,  another important economic factor is tourism. Since millions of tourists per year visit the city-state, tourism became a very strong economic factor.

Not all in Singapore are business and trading stuff. Clean and well maintained the city is a beauty. Many parks, trees and green areas wherever it is possible. The Botanic Gardens, the Garden by the Bays and others help to make the city green. Not only Downtown and Chinatown but also Little India is a place to visit. Sentosa Island with all its attractions and beaches are worth a visit. The beautiful zoo is a highlight as well. Indeed it’s a gorgeous place.

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