The gate to the world

Shanghai was at all times the dream of every sailor in the world. Sometimes the city is called also the “Gate to the world”. Shanghai is one of the biggest agglomerations in the world. The urban centre counts around 15 million inhabitants. The whole agglomeration counts around 25 million inhabitants. It was and is still even today a very important business and trading centre.

With the busiest harbour, a global financial centre and many industries, Shanghai is the fastest growing city in the world today. The city is a never sleeping, busy place all over the day.

Shanghai reminds of old shanty songs, ships and sailors. It was always a symbol for freedom, longing and wanderlust.

The Chinese culture, the important port and the city itself created unforgettable images in the mind of the sailors. Those they brought back to Europe in their memories. The fascination of this city is indeed the combination of European and Chinese culture. That is obviously in the city.

Landmarks of Shanghai

Today, architecture shows this long history very well. While on the west side the buildings have a typical European style, the buildings on the east side are built-in modern Asian architecture.

One of the most famous places in the city is the Bund. It’s the area of the waterfront on the west bank of the Huangpu River. Opposite in the east locates the Pudong district. From here and especially from the Oriental Perl Tower or the World Financial Centre you get an excellent view over the Bund.

Here, skyscrapers dominate the skyline. Indeed, the beautiful Oriental Perl Tower, Shanghai’s TV tower is one of the city’s landmarks.

The Shanghai metro line is the longest in the world. Nonetheless, Shanghai operates the magnetic highspeed train maglev Shanghai Transrapid. The only maglev in the world in commercial operation.

Visited by millions per year, Shanghai is a huge tourist hot spot indeed.

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