Mount Bromo volcano eruption

Mount Bromo volcano eruption

In January 2016 the Mount Bromo volcano erupted after a period of minor activities. Mount Bromo is an active stratovolcano. The location is the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in East Java, Indonesia. Since December 2015 Mount Bromo’s activity increased continuously.

In January 2016 Mt Bromo reached temporarily the activity peak. Consequently, the local authority increased the alarm level to 3 (Orange). This level is the second-highest level before an eruption. However, that’s exactly the right time for a visit.

It was an exceptional and stunning moment to see Mt Bromo’s ash plume in the morning during sunrise. It’s an exceptional place with an exceptional event.

Ash emissions of varying intensity, rumbling sound and vibration surrounding the scenery. Due to the volcanic gas emissions, a strong sulfurous smell is everywhere. A plume of smoke and ash had outspread over a huge area. Ash covers the caldera and the surrounding area of Mt Bromo completely.

The ash plume moved from Mount Bromo volcano to the southwest. In the direction of the city Malang. However, severely affected by ash is also the Hindu temple Pura Luhur Poten. The temple locates below the rim of Mt Bromo.

The fantastic view over East Java at sunrise at around 2200 m is a great moment. The scenery with the volcanos Mt Raung and Mt Kawa Ijen in the background is stunning. It’s an exciting moment. The light and colour-changing in seconds. Dependent on sunlight the ash colour changed from grey to brown and orange.

The light changes second by second into different colours until the sun comes up finally over Bali Island. In the tropics, sunrise and sunset are very quick. Especially at the equator. The duration of the transition from night to day and vice versa is very short. That let this magic happen.

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