Minahasa wooden houses

Minahasa wooden houses

Minahasa wooden houses are famous houses from Sulawesi. The houses are made completely from wood. The Minahasa people are a tribe of natives living in North Sulawesi. Manado is the biggest city in this area. The influence of  Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch as well, in culture or language is huge. However, the Philippines islands are in the north next to Sulawesi.

The village Woloan locates not far from Tomohon and is famous all over the world. Because from here coming the unique Minahasa wooden houses. Woloan is the home and centre of the traditional way to build those houses. Actually, such wooden houses were used traditionally by the native people to live. But today the houses are shipped worldwide.

Handcraft made and completely from wood, the Minahasa wooden houses are quiet comfortable houses. Woodwork from Woloan, the houses are for order and delivered worldwide.

The wooden houses were built on piles with stairs in front of the house. The first floor is lifted above the ground. Some of the stilts are up to 2 m high. While others have only 50 cm stilt above ground.

The carpenter workshop is just beside the road in between new build houses. All in all, it’s amazing to see how and with what simple machinery equipped they build a house. Actually, the carpenters are friendly guys. Small talk is always possible and they are happy and proud to show their work indeed. And of course, everybody is welcome to have a look at the assembled houses.

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