The Milky Way our home galaxy

The Milky Way our home galaxy

The Milky Way our home galaxy
and only a small part of the universe

The Milky Way is only one of myriads galaxies in the universe. I believe our universe is the most fascinating place in our perception and imagination. Darkness covers our world. each night. That gives us the unique chance to see myriads of shining and blinking stars. The darkness is the mystic thing beyond to make that possible. It isn’t really a big challenge for a photographer to capture such moments. No doubts the result are amazing pictures indeed.

So far astrophotography isn’t so difficult as you may expect. Because the sky is full of stars obviously. Many of these nebulas, dust or stars which shaping the Milky Way we can see easily each night. Our home galaxy covers a huge area of the firmament and is easy to find for everybody.

Everything has to do with light and its counterpart with one of the most mystic thing the darkness.

However, a few things need to consider to get some impressive and amazing pictures from the night sky. My intention was to take some pictures of the Milky Way indeed. Due to the isolated location of Gangga island, light pollution is very low here. We think the night on the island will dark enough to see the Milky Way very clear. It was not so difficult to find a suitable place on the beach.

Actually, the Milky Way is visible with the naked eyes but a long-exposure show us much more details. Fascinated by people since ancient, the Milky Way is easy to capture in the days of digital imaging.

The images here are long-exposure images. All images I shot on 2017/June/26 at 22:58:54 from Gangga Island near Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia. The position is 1°45’43.42″ N 125°2’57.86″ E. The altitude is 2.5 metre.

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