Maria Cristina falls

Maria Cristina falls

A landmark for Iligan

Maria Cristina falls is a waterfall feed by the Agus river in the north of the Philippine Island Mindanao. Located just before the tail end where the river flows into the Iligan Bay. The next close cities are Iligan in the east and Linamon in the west. It’s, without doubt, a landmark for Iligan city.

The Agus river is a river that starts at lake Lanao in the highlands of Mindanao. Lake Lanao is the biggest lake on Mindanao island. The outlet of the lake locates in the city of Marawi. From here begins the river that meanders down into the Iligan bay. On its 37 km long route there are several hydroelectric power stations, providing electricity for Mindanao island.

The falls are an impressive place at the end of the river run. It’s one of the highest fall on Mindanao island, is popular with tourists, and it offers an impressive view.

Maria Cristina falls

After all, at the end of its way shortly before the Iligan bay, the river drops down into a 98 m deep gorge. A giant rock in the middle of the riverbed gives the fall its shape of a twin fall.  Nevertheless, from the bottom of the gorge, there is a magnificent view. In that place, you can feel the power of the water. Indeed, the roaring noise of the falling water and the currents of the river are overwhelming.

At the bottom of the gorge, the Agus power station occupies most of the area. So far access to the fall is limited and restricted.

Anyhow, the fall is a tourist hot spot and is a very popular destination. During the week and even more on weekends where people come here to enjoy the Maria Cristina falls.

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