Manado the North of Sulawesi

Manado the North of Sulawesi

Manado is a major city in the north of Sulawesi and locates in the Bay of Manado. That is on top of Sulawesi island. The city and the area surrounding hills and mountains. Some of those mountain peaks are active volcanos. The beach, for instance, covers with black lava stones.

Manado is the economic centre of North Sulawesi. Therefore, the city is a good starting point to discovering the top of the island. However, the city itself is not so extraordinary. Like everywhere in Indonesia, The city has the same crowded busy roads. Street markets are almost on each corner present. Street vendors selling everything. From little goods to food all unthinkable stuff is the layout.

The north of Sulawesi is quite different from Sumatra, Bali or Java. Not only the culture or food divert from Java island, also the language is quiet different.

What is gamelan in Java, is kolintang in Manado. The north of Sulawesi has its own traditional music style. However, Kolintang instruments are mostly bamboo pipes. Sticks like drumsticks used to play on it. The music has much more rhythm and is not so mystic as the Javanese gamelan.

In the Bay of Mando, locating some islands like Manado Tua or Bunaken. Manado Tua, for instance, is especially interesting because of its shape. The island is a volcanic cone and sticks from far visible out of the ocean. Of course, it’s one landmark of the city.

The sunsets are beautiful in the north of Sulawesi. Every evening it’s a great experience to watch the sunset. Especially the moment when the sun drops down into the ocean. However, shortly before the blue ocean starts to change its colour. The magic starts from yellow to orange then into dark red and finally to black. An amazing play with colours.

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