The magic island of Bali

The magic island Bali

The magic island of Bali is an island between Java and Lombok. It’s a wonderful tropical island. and of course a dream destination. Volcanos, beautiful beaches, temples and Balinese culture all are in one place. With all of this, the island is perfect to discover something new. Bali has a tropical climate because of its location close to the equator. The tropical climate generates a huge diversity of flora and fauna. This tropical nature combined with spectacular mountain scenery is amazing.

Denpasar in the southeast is the capital of Bali. Obviously, it’s the tourist centre of Bali. In contrast, the North of Bali so far is mostly mountains and volcanos. The volcano Mt Agung is an active volcano and 3031 m high. It is the highest mountain on the island. Even more, for the Balinese, Mt Agung is the home of the gods. Therefore, the island is full of spirit.

Not only the beaches or diving make the magic island Bali interesting. Many temples, mountains and of course the tropical nature make Bali unique. Bali is the island of gods and full of spirit and traditions. Almost everything has spiritual meaning for the Balinese.

Bali is a perfect place for watching beautiful tropical sunrises and as well for stunning sunsets. All together with an incredible and magnificent sea view experience. It’s a matchless and charming island. While Denpasar is the busy capital, the city of Ubud is completely different. No doubt, Ubud is the cultural centre of Bali. Many museums and craft workshops have their home here. Balinese dance and Gamelan music is the Balinese expression of their history.

All in all, the tropical nature, and the colourful and traditional Balinese lifestyle make Bali so unique. The friendly and lovely Balinese people make the magic island of Bali a paradise and a tropical dream.

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Ubud the cultural and spiritual centre of Bali